Saturday, 15 September 2012

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 13 OTTD

London Fashon Week Yeayyyy
This is the 1st time I didn't have a 9am show so I  was able to have a bit of a lie in.
I also booked my MAC make over for 10 AM which would give me enouth time to get glammed up and then skip down to my 1st show which started at 11am
Just to be on the safe side I still did my make up before leaving out and painted my nails on the train.
(Didnt turn out great but could have been worse)
I decided to brave the cobble stones for a day and wear heels and I am happy to report that there were no casualties, However some cabs were needed.


  1. Love the nails. Funny cause I'm currently wearing the same color :)!!! Nice blog.

    xoxo Gozika

  2. Thanks :) I got a bit of a stick about my nail painting technique but I think they turns out ok considering I did them on the train